Parks London - Premium scented candles - 100% Natural Wax (Circular Gift Box)


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Product Information

Parks London Candles

For more than 20 years, Parks London candles have been known across the world for their purity and quality. Their candles are made from finest natural waxes, soot-free wicks and carefully blended essential oils for a clean burn and true, long-lasting fragrance to enhance your home.

Harmonising and mellow, this medley of deep and complex aromas evokes sun-dried apricots, pears and vineyard flowers in the purest wax candle.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin
Uplifting and refreshing, the crisp, vibrant scents of lime and mandarin mingle with sweet, peppery basil in the purest natural wax candle.

Orange, Cedarwood & Clove
Relaxing & Soothing Relaxing and soothing, the spicy warmness of clove and cedarwood is enhanced with a luscious twist of orange in the purest natural wax candle.

Product Information
• Fill Weight: 170g
• Burn time: approx. 30 hours
• Height: 8cm
• Diameter: 7cm

Circular Gift Box


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